When Riot Cops Are Not Enough: The Policing and Repression of Occupy Oakland

Recently book on the various forms of hard and soft repression utilized against Occupy Oakland in 2011 & 2012.
Available from Rutgers University Press.
Photos by Daniel Arauz.


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Chapter 1:  The Commune by the Bay: The Origins of Occupy Oakland

Chapter 2:  From Permits to Storm Troopers: Repression, Social Control, and the Governmentality of Protest

Chapter 3:  The Oakland Commune, Police Violence and Political Opportunity

Chapter 4:  Legitimating Repression Through Depoliticizing It: Federal Coordination, “Health and Safety” & the November 2011 Occupy Evictions

Chapter 5:  Putting the Occupy Oakland Vigil to Sleep: Anti-Gang Techniques & the Oakland Police Department’s State of Exception

Chapter 6:  The Meshing of Force and Legitimacy in the Repression of Occupy Oakland’s   Move-In Day

Chapter 7:  Poison in the Garden: A Spring of Seeds that Never Grew

Chapter 8:  Beyond Control: Fostering Legitimate Counter-Conduct